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Background Art by Sarah Zimmer, Associate Creative Director

Let’s face it, we all love getting something shiny and new. If you’re like some of us, maybe a little too much. (What can we say? We have lots of hobbies.) So, in this season of giving, receiving, gifting and general *extra-ness*, we combed through all the Amazon packages, Target aisles, and alleys of the internet to present to you: the year’s best buys.

My Misen Dutch Oven. It's absolutely better than Le Creuset and a third of the cost.

— Danielle Agriopoulos, Designer

An electric kettle! We were taking 10 minutes of our life every morning to boil water on the stove for coffee. This thing: 2 minutes. It also makes a great gift!

— Michelle Horne, Creative Director

A headache hat is a  life saver if you’re headache-prone.  I keep mine in the fridge so it’s always ready when the inevitable strikes. I also love it for hot summer nights or to soothe my eyes when I’ve been staring at screens just a little too long (another inevitability.)

— Charlotte Weigel , Senior Copywriter

Two small things. First, I used my milk frother daily to make morning coffee a bit fancier. Second, I discovered Tajin and how it makes everything from scrambled eggs to fresh fruit to margaritas a little more fun and tastier.


— Beth Flatley, Associate Creative Director

The Hatch sound machine provides great background noise that helps me sleep better.

— David Huettner, Motion Graphics Editor

Cozy Earth. I spent a lot of time perfecting my loungewear (and cozy bedding!) You know it is the comfiest if Oprah gifts it year after year.


— Kaitlyn Milkovich, Account Director

I never really used a mandolin slicer before this year. Now I use it all the time. A real time saver... plus I love how evenly it slices onions, peppers, apples, and more.

— Carrie Genovese VP, Group Creative Director

Oculus Quest 2! Amazing for VR walkthroughs around the world, VR games and working out!

— Laura Bluett, Senior Strategist

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