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Background Art by Abbi Howard, Designer

2021 was a great year, but it certainly wasn’t without its stressful moments. Between work, family, house chores and the occasional unwelcome surprise, it goes without saying that you all deserved some r&r. So how did you unwind this year?

Regular monthly massages at Massage Envy

—  Laura Pitts, Senior Director, Digital Marketing

I am a HUGE fan of continuing to perfect my skincare routine, keeping up with meditation and acupuncture. I also recently gave in and bought a Peloton.

— Kaitlyn Milkovich, Account Director Agency

Audiobook Walks: I discovered the app Libby that lets you download audiobooks and eBooks from the library straight to my phone.

— Hannah Lesko, Associate Creative Director

Daily gratitude affirmations to set the tone for my day.

— Carrie Genovese, VP, Group Creative Director

Face masks and foam rollers!

— Lisa Hurst, EVP, Agency


— Jenni Rizzo, VP, Account

More reading and tea… or wine depending on the day I've had.

— Kyle Briggs, Senior Copywriter

Headspace meditation app! I just got my year in review: 900 minutes of breathing. 

— Casey Hess, SVP Agency

Taking baths and going on bike rides!

— Bailey Armstrong, Account Manager

I adopted a dog this year because everything today has become political and dogs are not political. 

— Udayan Kolandra, SVP Strategic Planning

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