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Story by Sarah Zimmer, Associate Creative Director

Background Art by Mason Galecki, Art Director

20,000 MILES

In September of 2020, my husband and I bought a car, ended our Chicago apartment lease, put our stuff in storage and hit the road. The ability to work from anywhere is the silver lining of the world turning upside down, and we were more than ready for a change of scenery.


We first traveled to Beacon, NY in the Hudson Valley, where our close friends own an arcade bar (it’s called Happy Valley! It is awesome!). After that, we spent a month in Greenwich Village, in an apartment above the Comedy Cellar. COVID definitely changed the city that fall, but New Yorkers made the most of it.


We visited Nashville and then Asheville, where we explored the Blue Ridge Mountains and cooked a tiny Thanksgiving for two in our rental cottage.


From there we drove to Austin, TX and spent a month living in the Travis Heights neighborhood. We enjoyed its museums, nature preserves, hikes and lakes, live music and, of course, tacos. From there we drove west and stopped in Marfa for a night. We visited the famous Prada Marfa on our way out of town and set out towards our next destination: Phoenix


In Phoenix, we traipsed through the gorgeous desert landscape and enjoyed weeks of hiking. We explored Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. It was unbelievably beautiful.


After a short stop in Salt Lake City, we arrived at our next destination: Portland. We spent two weeks in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, which we may or may not have picked because we read somewhere that Stephen Malkmus lives there. Portland hands down had the best food of any of the cities we visited. 


Seattle was next and our second night there they had a record snowfall. We awoke to a winter wonderland with people cross-country skiing down the main streets. At the Ballard Farmers Market, we got the best fresh salmon I have ever had in my life.


It was now February, and it looked like remote work was here to stay. We realized we weren’t ready to go back to Chicago. We both had lived there for most of our lives and were enjoying the adventure.

With nervous excitement, we decided on moving to the place we liked the most on our trip: Austin, where our adventure continues.

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