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Background Art by Joel Richter, Senior Designer

It should come as no surprise that Upshot is a group of creative, talented people. Across our departments, we have writers, artists, musicians, photographers, athletes, woodworkers and even motorcycle restorers. Here’s what some of our Upshotters created, did, and built outside of work this year!


I began taking Lebanese Arabic lessons!

— Lucas Xavier Simes, Junior Art Director


Started a tradition of playing tennis every Wednesday (come summer, fall, or winter). 

— Udayan Kolandra, SVP Strategic Planning


Motorcycle restoration!

— Rich Burback, Director of Digital Services


Snow skiing and baking homemade pizza.

— Lisa Hurst, EVP, Marketing & Strategy


Kayaking! I recently moved somewhere where I can kayak frequently.

— Meredith Lusher, Senior Art Director


I learned how to crochet and am currently working on a checkerboard pattern reusable bag! I have big plans and ambitions to eventually make myself a sweater.

— Audrey Raymond, Associate Creative Director


Had a lot of old scrap wood, so I built some boxes.

— Dennis Swiec, Creative Director


I upped my stamping game this year, creating more cards for my website. I made over 150 cards for friends and family

— Colleen Purtell, Production Supervisor


I created a logo and label designs for a friend’s craft condiment company 

— Jeff Gallo, Senior Designer


A lot of star gazing and planet watching with the kids and a telescope in the backyard. 

— Matthew Benkert, Digital Services Director

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