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Background Art by Lucas Simes, Junior Art Director

No matter how crazy life gets, we can’t resist a great flick—one that teleports us to a new world, into the hearts and minds of its dwellers. From sci-fi and comedy to horror and foreign, we liked a little bit of everything. So, what were our favorites? The responses get two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

As a horror movie junkie, I spend a lot of screen time indulging in (dare I say relishing?) the macabre. My favorite this year was The Deeper You Dig. The cinematography is stunning and the subtleties of the character development are genius. There are some jump scares, but nothing too gory. I give it a very rare 10 Char Stars.

— Charlotte Weigel, Senior Copywriter


Family movie: The Mitchells vs. the Machines. Movie that made me think about my city and country differently: Judas and the Black Messiah.


— Michelle Horne, Creative Director


Our family loved watching the movie A Boy Called Christmas. A new classic with a beautiful message for the season.


— Whitney Wood, VP, Account


The Worst Person in the World. It's a Norwegian dark rom-com about the early 30s of a young, aimless woman who does horrible things to the people she loves because she doesn't know what she wants. I won't go as far as to say it's "relatable" but it is funny, touching, and reminds me we are inches from making terrible decisions all the time.


—Nicolas Mcguire, Junior Copywriter


King Richard by Will Smith. The big takeaway is to put education before success.


— James Tyler, Senior Software Developer


Bo Burnham's Inside was a perfect juxtaposition of making you feel understood and seen, while also feeling anxious and alone. From lighthearted moments about the strangeness that was the past two years, to deep cutting songs about the impending anxiety of the state of the world, the full experience is a perfect time capsule of what it was like to be alive in the covid era.


— Tyler Schmidt, Senior Art Director


Dune. It's a visual spectacle! It's also a movie that was impossible to make straight out of a book (as other directors have tried and failed utterly) And to quote the guardian newspaper: "What Dune offers is not that it brings a reality to an experience, it’s more of the unreality, a giant version of the universe, with its own culture, society, rituals, physics and chemistry."


— Udayan Kolandra, SVP Strategic Planning

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